May 2024


  • Added 3rd party review platforms in review settings

  • Added ability to have a different description for online widget, depending on normal or special service hours.

  • Added Restaurant Name in Booking Confirmation email.

  • Stripe Reconciliation Report – A report has been added providing additional visibility to restaurants

  • Moved billing related items from Basic data to Billing and Subscriptions. 

  • Updated the ordering of the restaurant roles displayed in Settings.

  • Updated the redirect after updating a billing setting, so the user remains on the same page.

  • Widget now greys out days on the waiting list where there are no service hours available, to prevent waiting list bookings on closed days.


  • Fixed a bug where the Subject in email send outs was being translated to Spanish in error.

  • Fixed bug that prevented users from adding tables to table groups.

  • Fixed bug where setting a booking to “arrived” was returning an error.

  • Fixed bug where users were able to create table groups with tables from different dining areas.

  • Fixed bug where translations for errors on the widget were not using the selected widget language.

  • Fixed bug where archived tables in the Floor Map were still being shown.

April 2024


  • Added customisation styling in Online Booking Widget.

  • Added the ability to have a preview of the current voucher template visible in the voucher widget.

  • Last booking date in client history will now reflect the previous booking start time that has already passed.

  • Error Modal from the onboarding widget will now adapt based on the widget template (background color, font, corner shape, etc…).

  • “Notify patrons that they need to return the table by the end of the booking duration” will now adapt based on the booking duration matrix.

  • New restaurant chain feature to cater for multiple venues.

  • Added setting to make staff field mandatory on creation and edit of bookings.

  • Added filters by Booking Source in Bookings list. 

  • Added ‘The Fork’ patron importer.

  • Added forced log-out after 18 hours, forcing user to re-login.


  • Fixed issue with notes not opening properly in the floor map when navigating between days.

  • Fixed issue with certain clients’ dashboards loading slowly.

  • Fixed the grammar for the widget popup when auto confirmation is turned off, indicating “your booking request details have been sent”.

  • Fixed issue with booking time steps. When a restaurant had booking time step 15 and accepted a booking with e.g. 21:15 and then switched the booking time step to 30, it wouldn’t show the correct time when editing the booking.

  • Fixed issue that caused tables to be double booked when entering bookings from the modal on the new floor map.

  • Fixed issue on the “Create Booking” modal on New Floor map, that only filled the Number and Email fields but leaves Name field blank when auto filling data.

  • Fixed issue with hiding dining areas from settings, that wasn’t removing dining areas from diary view.

  • Enabled by default “Allow on day bookings” in Freemium setups.

  • In booking modal, fixed 1 hour difference for bookings made after day-light savings time change (after 31st March).

  • Fixed dining area selector & date range selector in new floor map.

March 2024


  • Completely redesigned Floor Map functionality.


  • Fixed onboarded complete email to show name of restaurant in subject + country + language.

  • Fixed responsiveness in buttons in Booking Info in Czech Language.

  • Fixed add-ons to be shown in respective currency.

February 2024


  • Refund guests directly from within Tableo not Stripe

  • Managers can now add bookings outside of service hours

  • New consolidated Booking Payments section in Settings

  • Ability to block multiple tables at once from the Long Booking Form

  • Global Currency Support for all in-product payment features

  • Global Currency Support for billing

  • Third party booking channels communication automation

  • Added freemium onboarding in Lithuanian.


  • Fixed issue with edit of bookings, that moved booking time by 1 hour.

  • Fixed issue with tentative bookings not being converted to accepted when payment was made and auto-accept bookings setting was disabled.

  • Fixed card payment issue where Payment Gateway States did not transition to “event_payment_success” even though Stripe shows Payment Succeeded and even Booking State Changes transitioned to “accepted”. This was only happening when the auto-accept bookings setting was disabled.

  • Fixed “The state you are trying to transition to is not possible” // app/Services/FSM/BookingService.php:261 when trying to resend card verification email.

  • Fixed new manager accounts that were defaulting to receive review emails only instead of all emails.

  • Fixed issue preventing Floor map from updating table position changes.

  • Fixed issue preventing the update of managers when there was no phone field.

  • Fixed issue that prevented close off from working correctly when a dining area/service hour was closed prior to creating new special service hours with different closed off dining areas/service hours.

  • Fixed onboarding flickering issues.

  • Fixed issue on edit which caused the booking to default to the next bookable service hour instead of current time.

  • Fixed PDF print out support for unicode characters.

  • Fixed Widget Designer issue that was generating iFrame code without height and width specifications

  • Fixed issue with browser auto-translating to Spanish.

  • Fixed issue with special service hours that were not showing in product UI on product edit.

December 2023


  • Group bookings now show as one block in Diary view instead of separate tables.

  • Name of booker (guest) and source of booking (widget, RWG, etc.) is now being added to the Email Subject sent to managers.

  • New “Online bookings” menu item added to easily find and create booking widget. This is removed after 30 days and placed in Settings.

  • New Archiving of Tables feature in Table Management.

  • Customize booking widget page updated for ease of use.

  • Online booking widget translated to Bulgarian.

  • Any edits made in the Table Management Tab are automatically mirrored in the Floor Map, and vice versa.

  • A group booking placed on multiple tables is now shown in the diary as one block booking.


  • Fixed error message being sent to vacate table after booking duration on all bookings.

  • Fixed issue with Booking SMS that did not support 24 hour format.

  • Fixed Waiting list booking that was interfering with other bookings and not allowing managers to extend booking durations or move bookings around.

  • Fixed issue when closing off a dining area/service hour, that caused both a success and failure notification to be shown.

  • Fixed GDPR compliance tickboxes not saving on edit of bookings.

  • Fixed Awaiting Card Payment SMS that was being sent in English for all languages.

  • Fixed issue that allowed admins to remove payment method even if there was only 1 configured.

  • Fixed booking before limit in minutes that was being applied to walk-ins.

  • Fixed Guest list that was showing 3 characters instead of 4 (e.g. T212 was shown as T21).

  • Fixed “Add new product” button that was only showing if Stripe was connected. 

Widget fixes

  • Fixed Voucher Widget Page that was showing deactivated products.

  • Removed (3-12) age range from Children drop down in widget.

  • Fixed issue that caused products are set to €0 (i.e. no payment is requested), to be shown as €0.00pp in widget.

  • Fixed country widget not showing for EN and CZ.

  • Increased widget form timeout from 90 seconds to 10 minutes.

Self-onboarding wizard

  • We are now sending an email once a lead completes the creation of their restaurant.

  • Improved/more intuitive UI when adding tables.

Floor map fixes and improvements

  • Fixed Quick booking form on floor map that was showing all hours, not as per service hours & even hours in the past.

  • Fixed Floor Map Sync that was clearing out floor maps on edit.

  • When no floor map is created and a user clicks on the Live Floor Map button, we now show message: “No Floor Maps Have Been Created Yet. To do so, please click here”.

  • When there are no service hours on a particular day, instead of showing a blank screen, we are now showing message: “There is no floor map configured for this day. Please note that you do not have any service hours set for today and this is why the floor map isn’t showing. If you would like to add service hours for this day, please click here.”

  • Fixed issue with last floor not being selected. 

  • Fixed live interactive floor map that wasn’t showing when a new table was added to table management and then adding it from the settings to the floor map.

  • Fixed Guest List that was auto-opening in Floor Map, reducing the real estate for tables.

November 2023


  • Added Max covers per service hour for widget and Google.

  • Send Payment Link can be sent manually for bookers to settle a payment when a restaurant uses Special Service Hours with a Deposit and Products.

  • In Quick Booking Form & Long Booking Form, Managers can see the number of covers they will be going over if they choose to manually override crowd control.

  • New SMS option for people who want their bookers to receive SMS when they click “Send Payment Link” manually.


  • Fixed issue when booking for an event which required a payment (deposit). The bookers were not receiving the “Awaiting Card Details for Deposit” email. 

  • Timezone issue fixed: Due to +1 hour difference in LT timezone, bookings placed that carried into the next day were not showing up in the Diary. 

  • Fixed bookings with the status “Awaiting event payment” that were showing as blue (indicating confirmed) instead of pink (i.e. tentative/awaiting card details).

  • Fixed Crowd control warning that was not being shown in quick booking form.

  • Fixed Crowd control that was not working in certain time zones.

  • Fixed issue preventing bookings from being added via the floor map.

  • Fixed issue that sent SMS out to bookers when clicking on “Send Payment Link”, even if the restaurant had SMS disabled.

  • Fixed issue that caused the platform to send two emails to managers and bookers when booking an event that requires a payment: “New Tentative Booking” and “Awaiting Payment for Event”. We are now only sending the “Awaiting Payment for Event” email.

October 2023


  • Added booking duration matrix which allows you to set booking duration by party size

  • Added notification on widget’s booking success page as well as in confirmation emails to inform customers that table needs to be returned by X time.

  • Added feature to enforce single product selection.

  • Added feature that shows who is responsible for cancelling a booking (the system, the booker or the Manger).

  • The dining area is no longer mandatory to be shown on the “Reserve with Google” booking form.

  • Added a new email notification setting to only receive review emails called “Receive only review emails”.


  • Fixed issue with duplicate bookings – Google bookings being placed on tables where there are already manually entered bookings.

  • Fixed (+1) timezone issues affecting Lithuanian restaurants.

  • Fixed LT translation issue in pending card verification email sent to managers.

  • Fixed issue with widget that didn’t remain switched off after refresh.

  • Fixed wrong time slots in close off by hour matrix.

  • Fixed SMS reminder that was off by 1 hour in +1 Timezone restaurants.

  • Fixed date of last booking that was always showing a date in 2021.

  • Fixed Booking Success Page not showing Dining Area.

  • Only 1 product was possible when Stripe was not activated.

August 2023


  • Crowd control feature added to quick booking form.

  • The widget will now always take and save the latest details of the person booking, even if they previously booked using a different name but same telephone or email address. 

  • Widget greatly optimised for speed.

  • New report added for “First Time Bookings”.

  • Re-send payment link for tentative bookings now sent via SMS in addition to email.

  • Waiting list bookings can now be cancelled.

  • Added a note to the tentative/awaiting payment email, informing guests that booking will expire in X hours.

  • When a booking is set to “Arrived”, the booking is stored in its own section at the bottom of the Guest List.

  • Widget now supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Lithuanian.

  • When entering contact number on mobile or tablet devices, the keyboard is now changed to numerical keyboard instead of qwerty.


  • Sporadic Hang issues previously reported have now been fully resolved.

  • Fixed the ability for guests to proceed without selecting product, even on very slow connections.

  • Fixed “Edit Booking” which took long to save in certain cases.

  • Fixed dashboard stats that failed to load for some restaurants.

  • Fixed issue with widget blocking bookings whenever an incorrect email was entered.

  • Fixed issue preventing managers from receiving reviews when they don’t have “all emails” enabled.

  • Fixed trial ending message with CTA button added to add card.

  • Fixed issue that allowed bookers to proceed with entering card details, affecting deposits. or payments in Stripe despite the booking payment being auto cancelled.

  • Fixed Lithuania SMS Timezone issue.

  • Fixed issue that resulted in an error for restaurants when placing a review, if they had enabled review reminders without having any review parameters set.

  • Fixed review list that was only showing 40 reviews.

  • Fixed issue that was showing indoor dining as being undefined when selecting a table with or without crowd control enabled.

  • Fixed issue with Reserve with Google bookings not respecting booking stop time value.

  • Fixed widget booking errors when auto cancel value was not entered.

  • Fixed issue with credit card throwing error.

  • Fixed Day view that was showing as unavailable.

June 2023


  • Added Waiting List as an add on to be activated via the online booking widget and manually through the diary.

  • New Guest List/Search functionality in Diary.

  • Added “Turn Table” button to quickly reduce default booking duration.

  • Added “Send payment link” button to the Dashboard and Diary view.

  • Booking statuses translated into Spanish.

May 2023


  • Added feature to include a GTM code in the widget in order to track booking conversions from advertising

  • New styling of Diary: reduces a lot of scrolling, new colour change of booking status and channel, legend placed in button

  • Ability to close off specific time slots from the Diary view

  • Email of patrons added to Manager booking emails, to respond without having to login to Tableo

  • “Dining areas” now only shows a list of restaurant’s actual dining areas – all other areas are hidden from view and can be edited by clicking “More”.

  • When adding a walk-in, status is immediately set to ‘Arrived’.

  • Dining area label in the widget changed to ‘Area’ to cater for beach clubs, deckchair areas, etc.

  • Removed the ages (3 to 12) from the widget in Italian & Spanish.

  • Restaurants given full control of their own transactions via Stripe through the adoption of Stripe Direct Charges

  • Reconciliation reports removed from Tableo – only available via Stripe

  • Added Terms & Conditions to Reserve with Google

  • Cancel button now hidden when reservation time is < (less than) cancellation policy and message added to inform booker.

  • Whenever a booking is auto-cancelled due to no card details being entered by the booker, a cancellation email is sent explaining reason.

  • “Quick Overview (info button)” and Dashboard now show pending bookings awaiting payment.


  • New custom + and – buttons for products as they were not working correctly on some devices

  • Fix of PREFIX for international clients – Italy + Spain flag now shows when country is set accordingly

  • Fixed walk-in calculation that was showing incorrectly

  • “Select all tables” button is now only shown when clicking on “Open Tables” and at the bottom to prevent misclicks.

  • Fixed “Resend payment” link to guests that was not showing on all payment types including Products.

  • Fixed issue with Google feed.

  • Removed “your booking was automatically cancelled as no card details were entered during the booking process” from drop down of cancellation reasons for users – this is now only available for Managers in Diary (Long booking form).

  • Fixed Products not accepting decimal numbers.

  • Fixed: Bookings without card details entered when buying products were showing the icon and colour as confirmed and green instead of red / tentative.

  • Fixed duplicate booking issue reported by Lom Dopolavaro (issue was related to extending of booking duration) and overlap calculation.

  • Fixed Booking with errors.

  • Timezone fixes: When placing booking via widget from a different timezone to the restaurant, the calculation of “now” was not being taken into consideration in the widget.

  • Fix for “booking before time in minutes”.

April 2023

New features

  • Blacklist: Ability to block patrons from booking through widget by blocking their email and/phone

  • Notification pop ups for booking confirmation/cancellations can now be enabled/disabled from appearing in the product

  • Added Product system allowing users to create a number of products to be shown online

  • Added Concierge feature for the creation of referral links

  • Added function to add minimum booking value in Product

  • Added “select all tables” button in long booking form

  • Added filter to sort through reservations by date created – in ascending or descending order. 

  • Table number(s) now added to the booking email sent to restaurant staff.


  • Switch table feature now available in Floor Map (in addition to Diary)

  • Ability to switch off certain days of the week from being available on Reserve with Google (whilst keeping them available in widget)

  • Terms & Conditions styling – T&Cs page now has same background colour as widget RGB settings

  • Further Spanish translations of – 95% ready

  • Basic widget styling improvements

  • Added notes functionality in mobile

  • Improved the bookings UI for mobile

  • Migrated server to


  • “Notes” in the diary is now a fixed button so it’s less messy and intrusive to managers

  • Fixed all emails being sent to managers even if email is set to widget bookings only

  • Fixed error when exporting csv or printing PDF due to special characters in restaurant name

  • Fixed confirmation pop up in Floor Map when cancelling or setting a booking to no-show

  • Fixed issue that caused deactivated tables (from Table Management) to still show up in Floor Map

  • Fixed auto cancellation of bookings that wasn’t working due to a conflict with the cancellation policy value in hours

  • Fixed new booking toasts randomly coming up in Spanish

  • Fixed issue that prevented Managers from cancelling bookings

March 2023

New features

  • New cancellation policy in booking settings to set the maximum hours before cancellation.

  • Added HTML support for Basic data + event descriptions.

  • Updated Google integration to support notes/comments when placing a booking and GDPR marketing opt in.

  • Tableo product 95% translated into Italian.

  • API restaurant bookings are now automatically added to Tableo billing.

  • Tableo now supports automatic billing which bills a restaurant’s card every 5th of the month.


  • Support page has been updated with Customer Service hours + telephone numbers.

  • Updating Stripe API with on_behalf_of parameter so that restaurants can brand their Stripe checkout page with name, logo, bank statement descriptor etc.

  • Updated Stripe fees from 1.4% 25 cents to 1.5% + 25 cents.

  • Infrastructure update: Mail log split as it was inflating database.

  • Infrastructure update: Mail log updated to store only 90 days.

  • Infrastructure update: All prep work done to prepare for migration of to


  • Fixed withdrawal and no show fees that were not being passed through to Stripe API.

  • Fixed ‘Find my restaurant’ in Google that wasn’t finding global restaurants outside of Malta, Italy and Spain.

  • Fixed groups calculation – groups were calculating deactivated tables and tables from multiple dining areas which weren’t supported, resulting in booking with errors.

  • Fixed Stripe reconciliation report that was showing 1 hour behind actual created and booking time.

  • Fixed automated billing which was not adding VAT %.

  • Changed the way ‘Reserve with Google’ bookings are calculated in billing since Stripe does not support 3 decimal points.

  • Fixed Tableo billing CSV that was exporting all managers instead of just the billing contact.

  • Fixed ‘Edit Bookings’ that wasn’t showing cancellation or no show data for patrons.

  • Google was ignoring same day bookings off toggle – now fixed.

  • Disabling the ‘Active billing & subscription’ was still inputting restaurants in billing CSV – now fixed.

  • Fixed issue with Nagware Settle pending message that was asking managers to re-enter a new card even though a card was already entered.

  • Fixed grammar text for overdue bills message.