August 2023


  • Crowd control feature added to quick booking form.

  • The widget will now always take and save the latest details of the person booking, even if they previously booked using a different name but same telephone or email address. 

  • Widget greatly optimised for speed.

  • New report added for “First Time Bookings”.

  • Re-send payment link for tentative bookings now sent via SMS in addition to email.

  • Waiting list bookings can now be cancelled.

  • Added a note to the tentative/awaiting payment email, informing guests that booking will expire in X hours.

  • When a booking is set to “Arrived”, the booking is stored in its own section at the bottom of the Guest List.

  • Widget now supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Lithuanian.

  • When entering contact number on mobile or tablet devices, the keyboard is now changed to numerical keyboard instead of qwerty.


  • Sporadic Hang issues previously reported have now been fully resolved.

  • Fixed the ability for guests to proceed without selecting product, even on very slow connections.

  • Fixed “Edit Booking” which took long to save in certain cases.

  • Fixed dashboard stats that failed to load for some restaurants.

  • Fixed issue with widget blocking bookings whenever an incorrect email was entered.

  • Fixed issue preventing managers from receiving reviews when they don’t have “all emails” enabled.

  • Fixed trial ending message with CTA button added to add card.

  • Fixed issue that allowed bookers to proceed with entering card details, affecting deposits. or payments in Stripe despite the booking payment being auto cancelled.

  • Fixed Lithuania SMS Timezone issue.

  • Fixed issue that resulted in an error for restaurants when placing a review, if they had enabled review reminders without having any review parameters set.

  • Fixed review list that was only showing 40 reviews.

  • Fixed issue that was showing indoor dining as being undefined when selecting a table with or without crowd control enabled.

  • Fixed issue with Reserve with Google bookings not respecting booking stop time value.

  • Fixed widget booking errors when auto cancel value was not entered.

  • Fixed issue with credit card throwing error.

  • Fixed Day view that was showing as unavailable.

June 2023


  • Added Waiting List as an add on to be activated via the online booking widget and manually through the diary.

  • New Guest List/Search functionality in Diary.

  • Added “Turn Table” button to quickly reduce default booking duration.

  • Added “Send payment link” button to the Dashboard and Diary view.

  • Booking statuses translated into Spanish.

May 2023


  • Added feature to include a GTM code in the widget in order to track booking conversions from advertising

  • New styling of Diary: reduces a lot of scrolling, new colour change of booking status and channel, legend placed in button

  • Ability to close off specific time slots from the Diary view

  • Email of patrons added to Manager booking emails, to respond without having to login to Tableo

  • “Dining areas” now only shows a list of restaurant’s actual dining areas – all other areas are hidden from view and can be edited by clicking “More”.

  • When adding a walk-in, status is immediately set to ‘Arrived’.

  • Dining area label in the widget changed to ‘Area’ to cater for beach clubs, deckchair areas, etc.

  • Removed the ages (3 to 12) from the widget in Italian & Spanish.

  • Restaurants given full control of their own transactions via Stripe through the adoption of Stripe Direct Charges

  • Reconciliation reports removed from Tableo – only available via Stripe

  • Added Terms & Conditions to Reserve with Google

  • Cancel button now hidden when reservation time is < (less than) cancellation policy and message added to inform booker.

  • Whenever a booking is auto-cancelled due to no card details being entered by the booker, a cancellation email is sent explaining reason.

  • “Quick Overview (info button)” and Dashboard now show pending bookings awaiting payment.


  • New custom + and – buttons for products as they were not working correctly on some devices

  • Fix of PREFIX for international clients – Italy + Spain flag now shows when country is set accordingly

  • Fixed walk-in calculation that was showing incorrectly

  • “Select all tables” button is now only shown when clicking on “Open Tables” and at the bottom to prevent misclicks.

  • Fixed “Resend payment” link to guests that was not showing on all payment types including Products.

  • Fixed issue with Google feed.

  • Removed “your booking was automatically cancelled as no card details were entered during the booking process” from drop down of cancellation reasons for users – this is now only available for Managers in Diary (Long booking form).

  • Fixed Products not accepting decimal numbers.

  • Fixed: Bookings without card details entered when buying products were showing the icon and colour as confirmed and green instead of red / tentative.

  • Fixed duplicate booking issue reported by Lom Dopolavaro (issue was related to extending of booking duration) and overlap calculation.

  • Fixed Booking with errors.

  • Timezone fixes: When placing booking via widget from a different timezone to the restaurant, the calculation of “now” was not being taken into consideration in the widget.

  • Fix for “booking before time in minutes”.

April 2023

New features

  • Blacklist: Ability to block patrons from booking through widget by blocking their email and/phone

  • Notification pop ups for booking confirmation/cancellations can now be enabled/disabled from appearing in the product

  • Added Product system allowing users to create a number of products to be shown online

  • Added Concierge feature for the creation of referral links

  • Added function to add minimum booking value in Product

  • Added “select all tables” button in long booking form

  • Added filter to sort through reservations by date created – in ascending or descending order. 

  • Table number(s) now added to the booking email sent to restaurant staff.


  • Switch table feature now available in Floor Map (in addition to Diary)

  • Ability to switch off certain days of the week from being available on Reserve with Google (whilst keeping them available in widget)

  • Terms & Conditions styling – T&Cs page now has same background colour as widget RGB settings

  • Further Spanish translations of – 95% ready

  • Basic widget styling improvements

  • Added notes functionality in mobile

  • Improved the bookings UI for mobile

  • Migrated server to


  • “Notes” in the diary is now a fixed button so it’s less messy and intrusive to managers

  • Fixed all emails being sent to managers even if email is set to widget bookings only

  • Fixed error when exporting csv or printing PDF due to special characters in restaurant name

  • Fixed confirmation pop up in Floor Map when cancelling or setting a booking to no-show

  • Fixed issue that caused deactivated tables (from Table Management) to still show up in Floor Map

  • Fixed auto cancellation of bookings that wasn’t working due to a conflict with the cancellation policy value in hours

  • Fixed new booking toasts randomly coming up in Spanish

  • Fixed issue that prevented Managers from cancelling bookings

March 2023

New features

  • New cancellation policy in booking settings to set the maximum hours before cancellation.

  • Added HTML support for Basic data + event descriptions.

  • Updated Google integration to support notes/comments when placing a booking and GDPR marketing opt in.

  • Tableo product 95% translated into Italian.

  • API restaurant bookings are now automatically added to Tableo billing.

  • Tableo now supports automatic billing which bills a restaurant’s card every 5th of the month.


  • Support page has been updated with Customer Service hours + telephone numbers.

  • Updating Stripe API with on_behalf_of parameter so that restaurants can brand their Stripe checkout page with name, logo, bank statement descriptor etc.

  • Updated Stripe fees from 1.4% 25 cents to 1.5% + 25 cents.

  • Infrastructure update: Mail log split as it was inflating database.

  • Infrastructure update: Mail log updated to store only 90 days.

  • Infrastructure update: All prep work done to prepare for migration of to


  • Fixed withdrawal and no show fees that were not being passed through to Stripe API.

  • Fixed ‘Find my restaurant’ in Google that wasn’t finding global restaurants outside of Malta, Italy and Spain.

  • Fixed groups calculation – groups were calculating deactivated tables and tables from multiple dining areas which weren’t supported, resulting in booking with errors.

  • Fixed Stripe reconciliation report that was showing 1 hour behind actual created and booking time.

  • Fixed automated billing which was not adding VAT %.

  • Changed the way ‘Reserve with Google’ bookings are calculated in billing since Stripe does not support 3 decimal points.

  • Fixed Tableo billing CSV that was exporting all managers instead of just the billing contact.

  • Fixed ‘Edit Bookings’ that wasn’t showing cancellation or no show data for patrons.

  • Google was ignoring same day bookings off toggle – now fixed.

  • Disabling the ‘Active billing & subscription’ was still inputting restaurants in billing CSV – now fixed.

  • Fixed issue with Nagware Settle pending message that was asking managers to re-enter a new card even though a card was already entered.

  • Fixed grammar text for overdue bills message.