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Tableo's Restaurant Reservation Diary

Tired of losing out on reservations or wasting precious time managing bookings manually? 

Tableo is here to help you get organized, save time, and turn more tables.

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Tableo's Restaurant Reservation Diary
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Easy reservation and management

Forget pen and paper

Manage your reservations smarter! Save time and focus on what matters.

All your bookings in one place

Walk-ins, calls & online bookings all on one digital diary accessible on desktop or mobile.

Say goodbye to annoying phone calls

Start taking online bookings around the clock, 24/7.

Reduce no-shows

Send guests automatic on-the-day email reminders and run at full capacity.

Get to know your clients

Get insights into your guests so you can personalize their experience like never before.

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Why restaurants love Tableo


Heike H

Owner (Trattoria Il Paniere)

No more trouble with people who said "I tried to call for table reservation but nobody answered". I can close or open reservation times in any moment. I can direct the reservations in times that I want to fill up my restaurant so that we are not only full up in the 2 main hours of the evening.



Philip Marais

Owner (Riposo Italian Eatery)

Convenience just a click away! The fact that people can book as soon as they find you on Google without having to call in. and I can manage the booking from there. Love it, it help me run my bookings as a one man show and I still have control over how many bookings I can take.



Petr L.

Owner (Tržnice / Restaurant the italians)

Great Booking platform! No-show charges, really great team, great communication, perfect support, ongoing development, new features. I would recommend Tableo to all, especially when you need to collect no-show fees. It works great for us.


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