Easy organisation of restaurant reservations

Ditch the paper diary

Restaurant Digital Diary (1)

Keeping a paper diary can result in over bookings, lost reservations and incorrect customer details. And that’s not taking into consideration changes and updates to bookings!

Tableo will help you replace your paper diary with a user-friendly, digital reservation and management software to help you stay organised.

Restaurant Digital Diary (1)
Restaurant online bookings from all channels

All your bookings stored in one place

Restaurant online bookings from all channels

All reservations coming through the phone, through your website, through social media platforms or even walk-ins, all get stored on one central interface.

Restaurant bookings are colour-coded for easy reference depending on where they came from. You can also identify who’s shown up, who’s a no-show or who’s late and update reservations accordingly.

Easy to modify bookings

Modify your restaurant bookings (mobile)

Updating a booking is simple! You can add people, change time, date or dining area, or even switch tables at the click of a button.

It’s also simple for you to quickly block off dining areas or service hours.

Modify your restaurant bookings
Access restaurant bookings from any device (1)

Accessible from any device

Access restaurant bookings from any device (1)

As a restaurant owner or manager, you will be able to monitor your restaurant’s performance from anywhere, anytime.

Tableo is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed on any platform including tablets and mobiles – for you to access information while on the go.

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