AI for Restaurants
Your Very Own Personal Assistant

Are you tired of receiving the same messages daily, asking you about your opening hours or menu?
Do people expect you to reply at 8pm to make a reservation when service is at its peak and the kitchen’s on fire?
Are you losing customers because you can’t reply fast enough? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, Tableo has the solution!
Introducing the revolutionary AI bot for restaurants… your personal assistant minus the paycheck! 

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Save time with Artificial Intelligence

Innovation at its best! Tableo has created the first ever AI generated digital assistant to help restaurants save time handling reservations, customer queries and more! 

The AI assistant acts like your own PA. It knows your restaurant and can handle customer queries so you can concentrate on other important things.

Use AI to offer restaurant information, place a booking, update or cancel a reservation, as well as make adjustments to the restaurant diary without any human intervention.

Add a new line of communication

Some customers prefer to communicate over messages. Making bookings over the phone or filling in online forms can be intimidating for some.

The AI assistant offers a new line of communication over Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram to meet rising customer expectations and elevate the customer experience.

Whenever a customer messages the restaurant, the AI assistant can step in to handle the communication seamlessly in real-time, without the restaurant manager getting involved.

Natural & conversational messaging

Tableo AI Bot Video Mobile

Whether the customer is messaging to make a reservation or simply seeking more information about the restaurant, the AI Assistant can handle the request intelligently. 

The customer won’t even realize they are communicating with a robot, as the AI assistant does NOT use pre-set responses like a chatbot would.

The algorithm is capable of interpreting the meaning and intent of a given collection of phrases, and responding intelligently.

Here’s what the AI Assistant can do!

1. Provides information

No pre-set responses. Understands what the customer is asking and provides relevant information.

2. Handles reservations

Communicates with the customer to collect all the information required to make a booking.

3. Places a booking

Automatically inserts bookings into Tableo's digital diary and updates the customer database accordingly.

4. Sends confirmation

Customers will receive a confirmation number for each reservation.

5. Handles modification

Based on the booking reference, it can cancel and modify bookings, updating the diary accordingly.

6. Understands limitations

Alerts the client and sends an email to the restaurant manager if it encounters a problem.

AIBot Animated Video

Tableo Announces TESP Grant Funding from MSCT for its Restaurant AI Assistant Project

Tableo Announces TESP Grant Funding from MSCT for its Restaurant AI Assistant Project

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