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  • Nor will your email go to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. 

  • We are dedicated to delivering the outstanding service we would expect for ourselves—from your initial inquiry to your 10th anniversary and beyond! 

  • Whether you operate a cosy family-owned eatery or a sprawling multi-chain enterprise, we’re here for you.

Tableo offers excellent customer support

Customer Support

Already using our products and need help with an issue? Or simply want to learn how to make
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Malta: +356 2033 0096

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Sales Support

Have questions about the product or pricing, or just simply want to say hi?
Our specialised team receives regular training, to ensure we have all the As to your Qs!
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For anything else, or just to say hi, call us on:

Malta: +356 2033 0096

UK: +44 845 154 3698

Here’s what customers had to say about our support


Thomas Mifsud Bonnici

General Manager (Legligin)

Top service! Tableo is very responsive to my requests and any issue I have had was resolved within minutes



Petr L

Owner (Tržnice / Restaurant the italians)

Great Booking platform! No-show charges, really great team, great communication, perfect support, ongoing development, new features. I would recommend Tableo to all, especially when you need to collect no-show fees. It works great for us.



Hassan R

Owner (Mood Bistro)

Fast response and effective customer service. Tableo has helped the business to generate more income. We have been using this platform for a year and the performance is great.