Interactive restaurant floor plan -
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Efficient management of space & time

Easily create a floor plan of your restaurant layout, including room arrangement and number of tables.

Ensure every table is occupied, and every customer is seated comfortably, without wasting on precious floor space.

Manage your tables and seating arrangements, and synchronize bookings all in one place.

Easily see if a table has more than one booking at different times. Helpful in managing workflow and ensuring optimal use of available floor space.

Create restaurant layout

User-friendly & intuitive

Create restaurant layout

Add tables, chairs and other furniture to create the perfect arrangement for your restaurant.

Make changes without having to redraw the entire restaurant floor plan template or create an entirely new floor plan.

View real-time updates of empty tables and to make changes to your floor plan on the go.

Manage your tables and seating arrangements, and synchronize bookings all in one place.

Design your space

Restaurant Floor Plan Example

Manage your restaurant plan to meet your specific needs. Distinguish between different floors or levels and even create designated smoking and non-smoking zones.

Whether it’s an indoor dining area, outdoor space, private dining room, or roof garden, Tableo’s floor plan makes it easy to set, add and close off different dining areas.

Not just for restaurants! Manage your beach area by mapping out the placement of deckchairs, umbrellas, booths, restrooms, pool and bar area.

Beach Floor Map
Diner Details

Real-time customer status
and info

Diner Details

Quickly locate your customers’ bookings and access their details with a simple click on the visual view.

Set the diner status for each booking. Mark a customer as “arrived”, “late”, “partially arrived”, or “no show”.

Improve the dining experience. Easily access important information about each diner, including any dietary intolerances and booking comments.

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