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Accept event bookings online

Restaurant Event

Hosting a special event? Tableo allows you to take online bookings in a few easy clicks – same easy way you would take on regular reservations.

Set special service hours for events that fall outside of normal business hours, and show customer’s an event description when affecting their booking online.

Safeguard your business by setting new cancellation policies depending on each type of event.

Restaurant Event
Take restaurant deposits

Flexible online payments
and deposits

Take restaurant deposits

With online payments enabled, you can take deposits or upfront payments for important occasions at your venue. Useful for New Year’s eve, private events, and so on.

Various flexible options on collection payments allow you to ask for a price per cover or price per table.

Choose the deposit amount to be charged, based on particular set menus, adult diner or kids.

Credit card block

Take Credit Card Details

Take credit card details at the time of booking and provide financial protection in the event of last-minute cancellations.

Charge guests a no-show fee if they fail to show up at your special event.

Define the time frame within which a reservation can be canceled and a prepayment returned.

Credit Card Details
Restaurant Event Management

Manage guest flow

Restaurant Event Management

With Tableo’s crowd control feature, event managers can easily manage the flow of guests during special events.

Set limits on the number of reservations that can be made at any given time, to avoid overcrowding and to better manage the workflow.

Depending on the type of event and the location, define new crowd control values or completely override the default option.

Interactive floor plan

Digital restaurant floor map

Create a unique restaurant floor plan for every special occasion, complete with room decor and table arrangements.

Easily distinguish between different floors or levels and view real-time updates of cleared tables and make changes to your floor plan on the go.

Tableo’s user-friendly floor plan makes it easy to set, add and close off different areas at your restaurant or venue.

Digital restaurant floor map

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