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Finding qualified staff to work at restaurants is becoming harder! At Tableo we share your dedication to education and want to contribute actively by offering our system for free educational use

Our goal is to assist students in acquiring the skills needed to thrive as hospitality executives, supporting your commitment to their development. With Tableo we can offer them:

Tableo: First in digital efficiency

Through the use of Tableo, students can learn to embrace the efficiency of a digital booking system. They will get a clear overview of all tables booked, on any given day, time or service, on any device including smartphones.

Tableo excels in organisation offering a centralised hub for all restaurant reservations. Guests can reserve tables in real time through their preferred channels, be it through calls, the website, social media pages or through Google search among others. 

Through the online booking widget, provided by Tableo, the restaurant can encourage the promotion of online bookings to free up valuable time answering calls.

Striving for full occupancy

Take restaurant deposits

Tableo can help minimise no-shows and efficiently handle late cancellations. This will allow students to learn how to mitigate the impact of last-minute changes to reservations.

Through the implementation of automatic email and SMS booking reminders, guests are kept informed to reduce the likelihood of forgetfulness.

In addition Tableo facilitates seamless transactions through its integration with payment gateway STRIPE. The restaurant can opt to collect deposits and upfront payments upon booking. 

You can also limit potential no-show losses by setting up credit card authorizations to enforce cancellation fees, creating a fair and accountable reservation system. 

Take restaurant deposits

Understanding your customers!

Through Tableo, students can access guest data acquired automatically during the booking process, as well as accessing client insights from previous visits. 

Client information, including preferences (wine, vegan), VIP status, and last-minute cancellation tendencies, can be easily stored and accessed by staff for seamless 5-star customer service.

Staff will be able to recognize if the client is a returning guest and tailor the experience accordingly. They will be able to anticipate and address food allergies, intolerances, or special requirements proactively, ensuring a seamless and accommodating service for every guest.

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Restaurant Management System for Hospitality

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