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Tableo helps you get organised, save time, automate bookings, turn more tables, reduce no-shows and more.

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All your bookings in one place

Seamlessly integrate with Google, Facebook & Michelin. Integrate an online widget to your website, in minutes!

Get online bookings 24/7

Take reservations while you sleep! Monitor how your restaurant is performing even when on the go.

Reduce no-shows

Collect deposits to avoid late cancellations. Ensure your restaurant is running at full capacity.

Keep track of your regular clients

Is your guest a VIP? Be informed about your customers likings and offer excellent service from the get go!

Get real feedback from real diners

Collect valuable customer feedback and improve your restaurant's dining experience.

Sell your restaurant vouchers

Increase your sales! Encourage repeat business and attract new customers with a seamless voucher system.

What can Tableo do for you?


Philip Marais (South Africa)

Owner at Riposo Italian Eatery

Convenience just a click away! The fact that people can book as soon as they find you on Google without having to call in. and I can manage the booking from there. Love it, it help me run my bookings as a one man show and I still have control over how many bookings I can take.



David Tanti (Malta)

Chef/Owner at Risette

Exquisite service. Innovative, easy, transparent, accessibility is easy to go around the app, all is done at once from the booking to the service. Everything is up to date, nothing to disagree on the app. Tremendous experience I even tried to make a booking the experience is 5 star rated!



Petr L. (Czech Republic)

Owner at the italians Restaurant

Great Booking platform! No-show charges, really great team, great communication, perfect support, ongoing development, new features. I would recommend Tableo to all, especially when you need to collect no-show fees. It works great for us.