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Why choose Tableo

Tableo helps you

Organise your bookings

Say goodbye to the messy combination of a paper diary, WhatsApp, and messenger bookings. Get everything in one spot.

Know Your Guests

Elevate your level of service to new heights and guests will love you for it.

Reduce No-Shows

Stop losing money and let Tableo help you reduce no-shows

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Who needs Tableo?

Tableo is a reservation management platform, created for the modern restaurant manager who wants to make their life easier and is tired of dealing with endless phone calls for table bookings, and constant distractions to replying to messages on social media.

It is for the restaurant manager who wants to ditch the old paper diary for a digital solution that is super easy to use and requires very little training for staff to operate.

It is for the restaurant manager who wants to reduce no-shows and increase table turn-around.

It is for the restaurant that wants to increase online visibility and automatically take online bookings from their website, their social media pages, messenger, and Google/Google Maps.

If this sounds like you then start your Free Trial today and see for yourself how much problems will Tableo help you solve.


Get Organised
Increase Reservations
Reduce Phone Calls
Save Time

Get Organised

All your reservations, in one place

Every booking from every channel (phone, email, website, social media) is stored on oneplatform, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Know how many bookings you have, which tables are booked & which aren’t for any day or service. Monitor how your restaurant is performing on the go.


Know your customers

Wow your guests

Is your guest a wine lover? Offer a nice high-end wine. Are they Vegan? 

Instantly know if the client is a previous guest, a VIP, has allergies/intolerances or any requirements before they set foot in your restaurant.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Trial.
Free Setup.
Free Training.
Free Support.

Whether you have used a reservation management system or not, you and your staff will be trained by a dedicated account manager and training will take less than an hour, guaranteed!

Don't just take our word for it

Hundreds of happy restaurants using Tableo on a daily basis to improve their operations.


Keith Mifsud (Via Capterra)
The main thing is that it is easy to use for the restaurant and user friendly for the guest. It has a lot of customizable features to adapt to the different restaurants. It helped in reducing no shows by asking for payments or credit card authorization upon reservations. It also helps in creating a data base of our guests without being intrusive or infringing GDPR rules. The after sales service and customer care are clearly the companies priority.

Marvin Gauci Group

COO (Via Google)
Tableo has changed the dynamics of the restaurant booking aspect in Malta. Their modern approach and positivity towards criticism is what make them better than their competitors. I also want to commend the fantastic customer service that is personalised, efficient, and effective. Tableo has changed my operation to become more smoother and accessible.

I highly recommend it

Aaron's Kitchen

Owner (via Capterra)
The feature which shines most in this software is how easy it is to keep track of new and past reservations. Helped us a lot with keeping track of recurring customers. Customers receive an email of confirmation upon booking. It can be accessed from any device at any time. making it quite handy when you're spending time away from the restaurant. Highly customizable for each kind of restaurant with multiple dining areas which you can make ...

Try Tableo

Tableo is free to try for the first 30 days and is very easy to set up. You will also get free training and an account manager to help you along the way. No strings attached.