If you haven’t added our online booking widget to your website, now it’s easier than ever with this new product update. Customize in English, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Lithuanian, and NEWLY added Bulgarian! 

Check out intuitive improvements that seamlessly sync Table Management edits with the Floor Map, group bookings appear as one block, and closed service hours glow in light red! Take Tableo for a spin for a smoother, more efficient experience! 

Easily add your online booking widget

Start getting online bookings with Tableo

We have made it super easy to access, customize and create the widget code for you to place on your website. 

Simply click on the new “Online Bookings” menu item in green. This will open up a new widget design page which will allow you to customize the booking form and automatically generate an iframe code. This code can easily be sent to your developer just by clicking on the “Send to developer” button.

The widget is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Lithuanian and now also Bulgarian!

Table Management & Floor Map in Sync

Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to a more synchronized and time-saving operation. Now any edits made in the Table Management Tab are automatically mirrored in the Floor Map, and vice versa. Your changes seamlessly sync between these essential components, ensuring a unified and intuitive experience. 

Table groupings in diary view

Group bookings on Tableo

A group booking placed on multiple tables is now shown in the diary as one block booking. In this example we can see a booking of 11 pax that is to be placed on tables 2,3 and 4 pushed together.

In addition when closing off particular service hours or dining areas, the section in the diary now changes to light red to make it clear that the area is unavailable for bookings.

How to access these updates

Simply login to Tableo and check out these exciting new features. View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates.

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