Why choose Tableo?

A reservation management platform for
restaurants which saves time and makes life simpler for everyone

Tableo helps restaurants of all sizes get organised, save time, automate bookings, turn more tables, collect payments, reduce no-shows and so much more.

Reservation Management

If you want to get your restaurant organised, turn more tables, save time and resources without the need of any tech expertise, then check this…


Online Bookings

Increase online visibility and automatically take online bookings from their website, their social media pages, messenger, and Google/Google Maps.


Reduce No-Shows

No-Shows hurt the bottom line of every restaurant and while it’s part of the nature of the business a lot of no-shows can be reduced,…


Events Management

Tableo gives you the tools which allow you to take events in a few simple clicks. When creating Events, you can set different service hours…