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  • Every year, millions of locals and travelers turn to TripAdvisor to discover their next favorite dining experience.

  • Don’t miss out on reaching this vast audience, list your restaurant on TripAdvisor and connect to Tableo.

  • With Tableo’s seamless integration, your restaurant will gain unparalleled exposure and increased bookings.

Get your restaurant listed on TripAdvisor
Get bookings from TripAdvisor with Tableo

Seamless integration

Get bookings from TripAdvisor with Tableo
  • Take your listing a step further by including a “Reserve” button directly on your restaurant’s TripAdvisor page.

  • This feature allows diners to effortlessly secure a table reservation, choosing their preferred date, time, dining preferences and party size in just a few clicks.

  • Eliminate the hassle of reservations through phone calls or social media messages.

Customer feedback and reviews

  • Tableo and TripAdvisor form a dynamic platform for feedback and enhancement.

  • TripAdvisor allows diners to share their experiences, offering invaluable insights for restaurants using Tableo.

  • Positive TripAdvisor reviews will help you rank higher. Negative reviews will give you the chance to respond and mediate the situation

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