The UK hospitality sector is facing an unprecedented crisis, with a quarter of businesses reporting that they have depleted their cash reserves entirely. According to recent research conducted by UKHospitality, the British Beer and Pub Association, British Institute of Innkeeping, and Hospitality Ulster, the industry is in urgent need of support to avoid widespread closures of local businesses.

Rising costs, coupled with ongoing economic uncertainties, have pushed many hospitality establishments to the brink. With nearly two-thirds of surveyed businesses expressing pessimism about their prospects for the next 12 months, the situation is undeniably grim. It’s now past the stage of adjusting restaurant prices, there is a looming threat of closures. This not only jeopardizes the livelihoods of countless employees but also poses a significant risk to the vibrancy of British communities.

In response to this dire situation, industry leaders are calling on the government to take decisive action. Priority measures include a reduction in VAT, a halt to planned increases in business rates, and cuts to duties. These steps are seen as essential to alleviating the financial burden on hospitality businesses and preventing further closures.

Tableo steps in with Free offering

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Amidst the challenges facing the sector, Tableo is stepping up to offer support to smaller institutions. Through its free reservation and management system, Tableo is extending a helping hand to businesses in the UK and Ireland that are struggling to stay afloat. With no cost, setup fees, or credit card requirements, Tableo’s solution provides a lifeline to smaller establishments with up to 50 reservations per month.

Additionally, Tableo is offering its services at highly competitive rates for larger establishments with higher reservation volumes, with pricing starting at only £35 per month. 

Increase business without the price tag

By placing Tableo’s online reservation widget to their website, hospitality businesses of all sizes can attract new customers without incurring any booking fees. This innovative solution not only streamlines operations but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation in a challenging market landscape.

In addition, Tableo integrates with Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram allowing new booking sources for the restaurant. Tableo has also reduced Reserve with Google booking fees to just £1 per cover (as opposed to £2.50 by The Fork), making Tableo an affordable and accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

Combatting no-shows and late cancellations

Reduce restaurant no-shows

In addition to the overarching financial challenges facing the UK hospitality sector, establishments are grappling with the persistent issue of no-shows and late cancellations. This widespread problem not only results in lost revenue but also disrupts operational efficiency and compromises customer satisfaction. 

Many individuals book reservations at multiple locations without canceling, leaving businesses with empty tables and unrealized potential. However, Tableo offers a proactive solution to combat this issue effectively by sending automatic email and SMS reminders sent on the day of the reservation. Furthermore, Tableo provides establishments with the option to implement payment and deposit requirements at the time of booking, serving as a deterrent for individuals who may otherwise fail to honor their reservations. 

Let’s stick together

As we navigate these turbulent times, it is crucial for stakeholders across the board to come together in support of the hospitality sector. With proactive government intervention and innovative solutions, we can help ensure the resilience and vitality of this vital industry for years to come. Together, we can weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side

Numerous British establishments have already taken advantage of Tableo’s freemium offering and are experiencing its benefits firsthand. Among them are esteemed venues such as The Bath Distillery Gin Bar, SIXTOWNS by Bros Distillery, Margo’s at the Old Mill, and Coconut in Cambridge

These establishments have embraced Tableo’s user-friendly platform to streamline their reservation and management processes, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately drive business growth. Their success stories serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Tableo’s solution in helping hospitality businesses thrive in challenging times. For those who wish to join them in accessing Tableo’s free reservation and management system, simply click on the button below to get started on the path toward greater efficiency and profitability.

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