It would be impossible to celebrate International Women’s Day without giving the well-deserved spotlight to the extraordinary women working in the food industry.

For decades, women have been at the forefront of gastronomical innovation, challenging the notion of the ‘man’s world in the kitchen’. They have continuously shaped the way we understand, experience and interact with food, as well as taken it upon themselves to contribute beyond the culinary world with their art.

As we honour this day, we invite you to dive into the stories of iconic women who have challenged professional, cultural, societal and environmental barriers – one plate at a time.

Dominique Crenn – Leading with excellence & creativity

Dominique Crenn

French-born Dominique Crenn has swept the culinary world with her ‘poetic culinaria’ earning her the spot of the first female chef in the United States to receive three Michelin stars. Her intricate blend of French and Californian cuisine, mixed with commitment to sustainability and seasonality is now serving as an inspiration to the new generation of chefs, as well as drawing new visitors at her San Francisco restaurant, Atelier Crenn.

Alice Waters – Exploring activism through food

Alice Walters

Alice Walters opened the doors of Chez Panisse over 50 years ago, as a place where friends and neighbours could gather together to enjoy excellent food and good conversation. Beyond that, however, this day also marked the start of the farm-to-table movement that until today serves as a blueprint for restaurants around the world. Using organic and ethically-sourced produce from local suppliers for her menu, Waters proved that food and activism can go hand-in-hand. Since then, she has grown into a committed activist leading projects such as Edible School Yard, Slow Food, amongst many others.

Samin Nosrat – Making cooking accessible to all

Have you watched ‘SALT FAT ACID HEAT’ on Netflix? Then Samin Nosrat needs no introductions. The chef, writer and Netflix star has conquered the hearts of millions around the world with her easily digestible fundamentals to cooking, serving up feasts and tips to elevate simple dishes into exquisite meals. Her commitment to simplicity and emphasis on local specialties and easy techniques has helped women and men to confidently find their own way around the kitchen and bring enjoyment into everyday experience.

Asma Khan – Empowering female chefs

Asma Khan

Asma Khan hasn’t only elevated Indian cuisine with her restaurant Darjeeling Express in London, but turned it into a mission to magnify the presence of female chefs from marginalised communities. Since day one, the establishment has been run by an all-women team of housewives, giving them a platform to showcase their talent and expertise. Regardless of their personal and professional background, Khan offers on-job training and mentorship opportunities to further empower women to pursue careers in culinary arts and take on senior roles in the food industry.

Camilla Marcus – Popularising sustainable hospitality

Camilla Marcus

If you are striving to move towards sustainable hospitality, Camilla Marcus can certainly teach you a lesson or two. An American entrepreneur based in London, has emerged as a leading voice in the movement following the founding of her west~bourne, a zero-waste restaurant committed to environmental stewardship. Marcus has integrated innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to reduce food waste and promote sustainability resulting in culinary experiences that are both ethical and delicious.

Priya Krishna – Nurturing love for food and culture

Priya Krishna

Priya Krishna has amplified the unbreakable link between food and culture through her work as a food journalist. Through her captivating writing and reporting, she has shed light on immigrant-owned businesses, culinary traditions, and even engaged kids on this honourable journey! Her kid-friendly cookbook, Priya’s Kitchen Adventures, has inspired young readers around the world to challenge stereotypes, celebrate culinary diversity and nurture the love for new flavours and food experiences.

Clotilde Dusoulier – Inspiring creativity across the world

Clotilde Dusoulier

Looking to re-ignite your culinary spark? Then Clotilde Dusoulier is just who you are looking for. From seasoned chefs to beginner homecooks, her acclaimed food blog ‘Chocolate & Zucchini’ captivated the hearts of many and continues to do so years later. The Parisian-born blogger now collaborates with renowned chefs around the world in an attempt to make the most innovative recipes accessible to all.

And any woman reading this today…

You are, too, our hero!

Today, we celebrate you and the outstanding impact you consciously and unconsciously make on the culinary world and beyond. We applaud your resilience, strength and courage, as you break down visible and invisible barriers, challenge norms and serve as a light on someone else’s journey. On the 8th of March and everyday, we hope you remember that your contribution to the food industry is invaluable, seen and always celebrated.

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