Easter isn’t just one of the largest religious celebrations cherished by Christian households around the world, but also one of our most beloved food holidays. Following the end of Lent, families traditionally gather to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and indulge in the festive staples including sweet breads and savoury stews. 

But ‘traditional’ doesn’t need to be boring – and the Easter dishes enjoyed across the globe are here to prove that! Feel free to take inspiration from the international specials below and surprise your restaurant guests with a revamped feast to celebrate the diversity of flavours and creativity this Easter.

Italy: Colomba di Pasqua and Pizza di Pasqua

Colomba di Pasqua

If you are looking for an Italian-inspired Easter feast at your restaurant – Colomba di Pasqua, a symbol of peace and renewal, is a sure way to go. The dove-shaped sweet bread, delicately decorated with candied fruits, almonds, or, more recently, even chocolate, will proudly serve as a centrepiece on your Easter table. 

However, in case sweet treats aren’t just what you are looking for – start the day with savoury Pizza di Pasqua! Originated in Naples, Easter Pizza is shaped like a round loaf of bread and infused with parmesan to please your guests’ savoury taste buds. Serve at breakfast, or even as an appetiser on the side of eggs and wine at lunch, to ensure an authentic Italian Easter experience at your restaurant. 

Greece: Tsoureki and Tsougrisma

Tsoureki - Greek Easter

Greek-inspired Easter celebrations wouldn’t be complete without Tsoureki and Tsougrisma. Tsoureki is a braided sweet bread made on Holy Thursday leading to Orthodox Easter, famous for its rich aroma and flavour of mahlepi, cardamon and mastiha. 

Typically, it’s decorated with red-dyed eggs that are placed on top in memory of the blood of Christ shed at His crucifixion. However, more modern variations can also include almond flakes and chocolate toppings. When enjoyed, feel free to also encourage your guests to join in on the traditional game of Tsougrisma, where red-dyed eggs are cracked together for good luck.

France: Pâté berrichon

For a French twist on the menu, surprise your Easter party with pâté berrichon, or ‘Easter pate with eggs’. Traditionally served at the Easter lunch, this meat pie is a staple across the Berry region in France. It incorporates veal, pork and eggs seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg, all wrapped in delicate puff pastry to balance out the rich flavours. 

This option is also perfect for planning ahead. It can be prepared in advance and served cold, making it an ideal appetiser to charm your guests with the flavours of French Easter.

Sweden: Påskmust and påskbord

Swedish celebrations, on the other hand, are best known for their well-curated påskbord – a festive buffet of the hearty local favourites. To replicate the Swedish Easter table at your establishment, feel free to combine small dishes including pickled herring, egg cheese, salmon and of course…meatballs. 

But if you are really looking to impress your guests with a traditional Swedish experience, we recommend splurging on the well-known Easter drink to accompany the buffet – påskmust. Resembling root beer, påskmust combines carbonated water, sugar, hop and malt extracts and is enjoyed by children and adults alike during the Easter festivities.

United States: Easter ham

American Easter ham

Besides the infamous chocolate egg hunt, American Easter is also a treat for all the meat-lovers out there. Whether as an impressive main dish, an appetiser or even a casserole – it is almost certain that glazed Easter ham will find its way to the table, in one shape or another. 

Even though ham’s popularity is largely attributed to its availability in comparison to its original predecessor – lamb, today families across the US enjoy the endless versatility of this beloved holiday staple. From apple cider to bourbon – the glazing possibilities are endless and give you plenty of creative room to impress your restaurant guests!

Australia: Chocolate bilbies

Familiar with the chocolate bunnies? Well, in case you are trying to add a piece of Australian Easter to your celebrations – we would recommend to opt out for chocolate bilbies instead!

These endangered species have made it to the list of one of the most cherished Easter symbols in Australia and are guaranteed to add the ‘wow’ factor to your festive celebrations. Plus, beyond surprising your visitors with this unexpectedly shaped chocolate, you will also help promote awareness for bilby protection and conservation. It’s a win-win. 

Happy Easter from us at Tableo

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the run down of the Easter specials and feel inspired to embrace new flavours, traditions and experiences on your Easter menu. 

Whether you are experimenting with your own local dishes or diving into the new culinary endeavours from the list above, don’t forget to use a restaurant reservation system like Tableo to plan ahead! From calculating expected number of orders to taking prepayment upon reservation, we are here to help you ensure smooth operation and service on the day.

We wish you a joyous and delicious Easter filled with love, laughter, and of course, plenty of good food! Happy Easter! 

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