Dog-friendly signs on restaurants’ doors are proving to be more than just a passing buzz. With a significant increase in pet ownership and a shift towards more customer-centric dining experiences, pet-friendly establishments are quickly conquering customers’ hearts and becoming the new ‘it’ places unanimously cherished by the dog parents.

Welcoming the four-legged pets through your restaurant’s doors can not only attract a larger customer base, but also enhance the overall customer experience, help build brand image, and encourage a deeper sense of community. With so many benefits at hand, let’s take a closer look at how going dog-friendly can give you an unbeatable competitive edge in this fast paced industry.

Expanding into new customer base

Dogs at the restaurant

Pet ownership is at an all-time high and the numbers continue to be steadily on the rise. In fact, approximately 70% of U.S households and 46% of Europeans currently own a pet, with dogs being the most popular four-legged friend.

Why do these numbers matter, you may ask. Well, by catering to customers with dogs, your restaurant automatically becomes the spot on the radar for a vast demographic of potential customers who often seek pet-friendly venues for their outings. Dog owners are generally more prone to choosing a restaurant where their furry buddies are also welcome, in turn multiplying foot traffic and customer loyalty at your establishment.

Earning extra points for customer experience

Eating out isn’t just about the food; it’s about the overall experience. With dog-friendly restaurants providing a unique opportunity for dog parents to relax, socialise with their friends, enjoy a lovely meal, there’s no guilt about leaving their furry child at home. This alone can make their outings just so much more enjoyable, and help create memorable experiences and encourage repeat visits.

Building your positive brand image

Becoming a dog-friendly restaurant is also a sure way to enhance, build and reinstate your positive brand image. Generally, pet-friendly diners tend to be associated with modern and forward-thinking venues that care about and prioritise its customers’ needs. This alone, can help your restaurant to establish its unique selling point and separate yourself from the competitors. Plus, with the dog owners being notorious for sharing their day out with pets on their social media pages, you are likely to experience the perks of free advertising and increased visibility. Who would want to skip on that?

Keeping your visitors around for longer

Dog-friendly restaurant

Extending an invitation to their beloved pup, can also result in your customers spending more time (and money) at your restaurant! According to the research conducted by The Kennel Club, approximately 55% of dog owners would stay longer in a restaurant that allowed them to bring their dog. Longer dwell times, in turn, can lead to higher average check sizes, as customers are likely to order more food and drinks to accompany their prolonged stay.

Leveraging pet-friendly events & promotions

Dog-friendly restaurants have the unique advantage of being able to host pet-centric events and promotions, helping you draw in more customers on the special occasions. From dog adoption drives to announcing special dog-friendly treat menus – don’t be afraid to go for a hard launch of your pet-friendly stance. Want to take it a step further? On the day of the event, offer all the dog parents personalised vouchers for their next meal at your restaurant to encourage repeat business.

Tapping into dog-parent community

Another great thing about dog-owners – they usually come in packs. That’s why dog-friendly restaurants more often than not become real hubs for local communities. Tap into this niche by catering and providing space where owners can meet, share experiences and build connections. This sense of community and inclusivity can be a powerful magnet for more business, making the restaurant not just a place to eat, but a local gathering spot with a unique charm and appeal.

Bowie from Tableo is here to help!

Bowie from Tableo is here to help!

Meet Bowie, our most beloved colleague and the infamous hype-man of the Tableo team! To make sure Bowie, and his four-legged friends can enjoy a fun day out without causing any interruption to your business, don’t forget to encourage pet-parents to use the online reservation system ahead of time to make their booking.

By adding a note on Tableo that they will be arriving with their dog, you can ensure that the seating chart is arranged seamlessly, pet bowls are set ahead of time, and the table is placed in the most convenient spot to avoid any disruption to your guests or servers.
Planning ahead will help you enhance customer experience, highlight your unique strengths and foster a sense of community driving your business to new heights of success!

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