Tableo has revamped its voucher system introducing a newly customisable gift voucher experience. By offering vouchers, restaurants not only open up an additional revenue stream but also seize a powerful branding opportunity. With our latest update, we’re taking restaurant branding to the next-level.

Included with this update, we are also extending our design improvements to the Booking Channels Legend, making it more appealing visually, but also providing better clarity in identifying the origin of each booking.

Design your own gift vouchers

Tableo Customisable Voucher System

Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all vouchers. With this latest update, restaurants now have the creative freedom to tailor vouchers to reflect their unique brand personality. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Custom backgrounds: Choose any image or colour scheme to serve as the backdrop for your vouchers, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand aesthetic.

  • Personalisation: Automatically imprint recipient names on vouchers, adding that personal touch.

  • Flexible Content Blocks: Experiment with the positioning of essential elements like the value amount, recipient name and expiry date.

  • Font customisation: Adjust the font size of every element to achieve the perfect balance of style and readability.

Revamped Legend in Diary & Floor Map

We’ve also refined our booking management with a fresh update to the Booking Channel Legend. Here’s what’s new:  

  • Easily differentiate between walk-in and phone bookings with distinct colour codes – mustard for walk-ins and blue for phone bookings – ensuring quick and intuitive identification.

  • We’ve renamed ‘Widget bookings’ to ‘Online booking (Widget)’ for enhanced clarity.

  • The new legend automatically adjusts to display only enabled channels, providing a clear overview of active booking sources, eliminating clutter.

Other fixes & other improvements

  • Floor map now shows arrived bookings by dining area using a label.

  • Floor map updates including better visualisation of walk-ins and multiple bookings on the same table.

  • Updated Support page with new IT and LT support numbers.

  • Removed crowd control limit which was hardcoded to 100 covers.

Simply login to Tableo and check out these exciting new features. View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates.

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