We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update from Tableo: global language support for dining areas. Now, restaurants can seamlessly set up their dining spaces in any language imaginable, thanks to cutting-edge AI language integration.

What it means for restaurant owners

Whether your establishment boasts indoor seating, an outdoor terrace, or a cozy upstairs area, all dining spaces can now be effortlessly translated into your restaurant’s native language. This means no more language barriers hindering your patrons’ dining experiences!

What it means for the customer

“But what if my clientele are foreigners?” you may wonder. Fear not! Recognizing the diverse nature of restaurant clientele, we’ve implemented a revolutionary masking technology within our online booking widget. This innovative feature allows tourists to easily navigate and understand dining area options in their native language.

Let’s paint a picture: You’re an English tourist looking to book a table at a Spanish restaurant. As you peruse the available dining areas, everything is listed in Spanish. But wait! With Tableo’s widget, this obstacle disappears. Like magic, Terraza becomes Terrace, Outdoor transforms into Exterior, and so on.

Get a free reservation system in any language

Digital restaurant floor map

Tableo’s free version offers an array of features tailored to meet the needs of smaller restaurants and those eager to test the waters before committing. With no time limits and the ability to handle up to 50 bookings monthly, it’s the ultimate solution for exploring our robust platform at your own pace.

  • Accept bookings seamlessly from your website and other booking channels.

  • Monitor restaurant performance on-the-go with our mobile-friendly interface.

  • Automatically send confirmation and reminder messages to customers.

  • Keep track of customer details and preferences for effective remarketing.

Simply login to Tableo and check out these exciting new features. View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates.

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