Do you own a chain of restaurants or manage restaurants with multiple locations? Are you determined to retain your customers and stay ahead of the competition? Now, when one of your outlets is fully booked, you can seamlessly guide your customers to explore other available venues through the online booking widget. All this and more in Tableo’s latest update.

Running at full capacity? Offer a Plan B or C

When a customer tries to book during your peak hours and finds you fully booked, the last thing you want is for them to seek alternatives elsewhere. With our latest update, you can now offer your customers three alternative options to choose from.

If Venue A (e.g. Sean’s Bistro in image above) is fully booked at a specific time, customers will be presented with the following alternatives:

1. Different available times at the same venue

2. Availability at a different venue for the requested time (e.g. Sean’s Diner)

3. Option to join the Waiting List.

More control over booking management

Seeking better oversight of booking modifications? Wondering who on your staff has made changes to a reservation? In our latest update, we’ve introduced a new feature allowing you to designate staff fields as mandatory when creating or editing bookings. Now, you’ll have complete transparency over booking edits, empowering you to track staff involvement with precision.

Visit our FAQ for more information.

Other features and improvements

  • Added filters by Booking Source in Bookings list – e.g. filter through Reserve with Google, Walk-Ins etc.

  • The Fork patron importer

  • Force log-out after 18 hours, forcing user to re-login

Simply login to Tableo and check out these exciting new features. View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates.

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