Efficient payment processing is crucial for smooth operations and exceptional guest experiences. At Tableo, we understand the importance of seamlessly managing transactions while focusing on delivering outstanding service.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest updates, bringing you streamlined refund processes, and updated settings, designed to make payment management a breeze.

Refund guests directly from Tableo

Refunding guests has never been easier with Tableo’s new refund functionality. Now, you can process refunds directly from Tableo, eliminating the need to login to Stripe. Whether it’s issuing a full refund or a partial one, you can handle it seamlessly within the platform.

What’s more, Managers can provide a reason for the refund, ensuring transparency and accountability. Once a refund is made, an email is fired off to the Guest as well as all relevant Manager Accounts with emails enabled.

Empower Managers to add bookings outside of service hours

out of service hours

Flexibility is key when it comes to accommodating diverse scheduling needs. With our latest update, Managers can now add bookings outside of regular service hours, offering greater flexibility and convenience. Please note that this setting only affects internal bookings and does not impact the widget.

This feature, accessible through a simple toggle switch called “Allow bookings out of service hours” can be found in Settings > Booking Settings.

New consolidated Booking Payments section in Settings

payment settings

Managing booking payments is now simpler than ever with our revamped Payment Settings section. All payment-related configurations are now consolidated under a single tab, allowing you to easily access and configure payment options with ease.

Whether you’re setting up Stripe payments or managing other payment-related configurations, everything you need is conveniently located within the Payment Settings screen.(previously named Stripe Payments)

To Note. Payment Settings are only shown if a Stripe Account has been connected & is active in ‘Stripe Payments’.

Other features and improvements

  • Ability to block multiple tables at once from the Long Booking Form, enhancing efficiency in managing reservations.

How to access these updates

Simply login to Tableo and check out these exciting new features. View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates.

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