Hoorah! You’ve survived Christmas and the new year… Now get ready for Chinese New Year on the 10th February! The Year of the Tiger is about to usher in a wave of festivities, and for restaurant owners and chefs, it’s a golden opportunity to captivate taste buds and create memorable dining experiences – even if you do not own an Asian Restaurant.

In this blog, we’ll unveil some fascinating facts about Chinese New Year that are sometimes overlooked. And we’ll give some tips on how restaurants can get ready for this auspicious occasion.

Chinese New Year in Numbers

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebrated, also known as the Spring Festival, is the largest annual human exodus on the planet. In the 40 days leading up to the festival in 2019 (pre-pandemic), more than 3 billion trips were made, according to data from China’s Ministry of Transport. This mass migration is a testament to the importance of family reunions during this festive season…But is also a great opportunity to welcome holiday-makers to your establishment.

Known as “Nian Ye Fan,” the reunion supper is the centerpiece of the Chinese New Year festivities. Families gather to feast on foods emblematic of prosperity and good fortune. China’s restaurants are anticipated to serve nearly 700 million people a day during the festival, based on a poll done by the China Cuisine Association.

Preparing your restaurant for the culinary odyssey

After discovering some intriguing data, let’s explore how you can get your restaurant ready to celebrate Chinese New Year:

Menu innovation

Chinese New Year Menu

Serve special meals that capture the many meanings associated with Chinese New Year. Add foods such as noodles for longevity, fish for plenty, and dumplings for fortune. To further promote the festival’s sense of community, think about providing a fixed menu that families can enjoy. 

By using a booking management software like Tableo, you can post your special menu in the booking widget online, for patrons to view before making a reservation. You can also charge a deposit fee through the system, to limit the chance of no-shows on this special occasion.

Decorate with purpose

In Chinese culture, the colours red and gold are considered lucky and represent wealth and good fortune. Use these colours to decorate your restaurant and add traditional Chinese decorations like dragons and lanterns to create a more authentic dining experience.

Digital engagement

Chinese New Year Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Make the most of digital and social media channels to publicise your Chinese New Year offers. Provide interesting content that emphasises the cultural significance of the celebration and the significance of each dish. Don’t forget to encourage patrons to post online reviews of their experiences.

Staff training

Make sure that your employees are aware of the traditions and rituals surrounding Chinese New Year. This gives the dining experience more authenticity and makes it possible for your staff to deliver top-notch customer service.


The colourful tapestry of Chinese New Year celebrations urges restaurants to join in the festivities as we excitedly await the coming of the Year of the Tiger. Through the incorporation of cultural extravaganza’s hidden pearls into your menu, your restaurant can become a destination for those looking for a unique and unforgettable dining experience. I hope everyone has happiness, success, and a bounty of flavours in this Year of the Tiger!

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