With more and more families opting out to celebrate Mother’s day with a special meal out, no savvy restaurateur should miss this occasion. It’s not only a great way to book out your reservations this Sunday, but also a perfect opportunity to draw in new customers, build your reputation and even encourage some repeat business.

So why leave anything up to chance on May 12th? Here are 7 options for you to pick and choose from to confidently ‘wow’ the mums, no matter what setting and budget you are working with. Choose your best fit to make this year’s celebration and your restaurant a memorable experience that will leave them craving for more.

Foolproof: Brunch is always a good idea

Celebrating Mother's Day at your restaurant

Mother’s Day brunch is loved for a reason. With the holiday falling on Sunday, kicking off the full day celebration with a lavish late breakfast is certainly a no-brainer. Whether it’s fluffy pancakes, perfectly poached eggs, or bottomless mimosas, extend the invitation for mothers to indulge guilt-free on their special day!

Don’t forget to score extra points and add a sense of special occasion to your menu too! Elevate the classics with a more sophisticated touch, introduce specials of the day and explore different plating and decorating options that will leave mothers amused and appreciated.

Family-oriented: Cooking master classes

It’s not just about the food; it’s about creating memories that will be savoured long after! Turn Mother’s Day into a hands-on culinary adventure by hosting family-friendly restaurant cooking classes. Invite your guests to reserve Mother’s Day pasta-making workshops or dessert decorating sessions to add a special family bonding element on the day.

Under the supervision of your talented chefs, the guests can explore the ins and outs of creating delicious dishes, experiment with flavours and most importantly – share a long lasting memory together at your establishment.

Elegant: Host an outdoor dinner party

Outdoor dinner party for Mother's Day

Does your restaurant have a patio or a courtyard? With the weather steadily getting warmer, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to enchant your guests with an outdoor dinner party to remember.

Transform your space with floral arrangements, twinkling lights, hanging lanterns, and candles to really set the scene for this special occasion. Consider small details such as dinner- and glassware, tablecloths and table decorations for added charm and sophistication. Enhance your menu with light and refreshing flavours to fully dive into the spring flavours. No mum out there will be able to resist!

Quick-fix: Elevate ambiance with live music

Nothing adds to any restaurant’s ambiance as well as the live music. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, just getting in touch with a local band can do the trick. It will enhance the atmosphere, regardless whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

When selecting the music accompaniment, make sure to consider the unique character of your restaurant and tailor your choices accordingly. Opt for music genres that seamlessly complement your restaurant’s ambiance to create an organic and elevated atmosphere. Soul, jazz, latin or the familiar melodies of cover bands – there are endless options to suit every taste and preference.

Sentimental: Capture the special moments

Serving on special occasions is never just about food, it’s about creating meaningful memories with your family and loved ones. So why not help your restaurant guests capture their favourite moments together?

Set up a designated area in your restaurant for family photoshoots with a photobooth and plenty of fun props to choose from. Accompany the print outs with your restaurant’s logo and encourage guests to share their special moments on social media for an additional promotion and brand-awareness. It’s a win win!

Conscious: Embrace the art of meaningful gifting

Special shoutout on this Mother’s Day

If you are looking for a more tangible way to treat mothers on their special day – small thoughtful gifts can go a long way. Consider partnering with local charities, businesses, artists to explore the opportunity for a special Mother’s Day collaboration. This will not only serve as a token of appreciation to your visitors, but also show just how much your restaurant supports the community and other local businesses in your area.

From small jams, handmade candles, artisan chocolates, bracelets and more – you are guaranteed to impress your restaurant visitors with the commitment to your values that extend beyond the doors of your establishment.

Business-oriented: Personalised vouchers

If you mean business this Mother’s Day, don’t skip on the opportunity to offer personalised vouchers to your restaurant guests. Similarly to gifts, the vouchers serve as a token of gratitude to your visitors, but that’s not all. Vouchers also play an essential role in your sales strategy, as they can easily encourage repeat business for your restaurant.

Don’t forget to make them stand out to further elevate your restaurant’s branding! Play around with Tableo’s personalised vouchers to incorporate a special Mother’s Day design, add with your logo and imprint them with the recipient’s name for extra attention to detail.

Special shoutout on this Mother’s Day

Special shoutout on this Mother’s Day

With plenty of options to choose from, we will let you go ahead and make the final preparations for this special day. But before we do so, it’s important to take a moment to honour the remarkable chefs who, as mothers themselves, dedicate this special day to crafting culinary masterpieces in restaurant kitchens across the globe.

We have a couple of our own heroes as customers here at Tableo too! A special shoutout goes to Roberta Preca of Palazzo Preca, Carol Pérez of Marie Miner and Petra Kosová of Bistro Lívanec, who selfishly devote themselves to celebrate fellow mothers on this day! Here’s to you culinary queens – we wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day too!

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