A bottle of good wine or a fancy cocktail can really elevate the dining experience. In this article we’ve gathered the top trends for wine and cocktails in 2023. So gather your wine glasses and shakers as we explore the fascinating realm of mixology magic.

Cocktail tips and trends

1. Cocktail garnishes with a twist

Cocktail garnishes with twist

Add flair to your cocktails with creative garnishes like edible flowers, dried fruits, or ice cubes flavored with unusual herbs. These eye-catching components can give a boring old G&T some finesse!

2. Low-ABV cocktails

Low-alcohol cocktails are becoming more popular as people look for healthier options. To make flavoured beverages with less alcohol, experiment with ingredients like vermouth, sherry, or non-alcoholic spirits.

3. Eco-friendly cocktails

Eco friendly cocktails

Sustainability is a growing concern, and customers appreciate eco-friendly initiatives – even when it comes to their tipple! So remember to reduce waste, use organic and locally sourced foods, and choose reusable or biodegradable stirrers and straws.

4. Flavours of fusion

Combine many ethnic influences to produce fascinating flavour profiles. Try creating fusion drinks by combining elements from several cuisines, such as spirits infused with Latin American spices or Asian-inspired infusions.

5. Cocktails with smoke

Smoking cocktails

Use methods like smoked ice cubes or smoked garnishes to add smoky flavours to your cocktails. This adds complexity and a unique twist to classic recipes.

6. Handmade mocktails

Keep in mind the non-alcoholic options! Craft mocktails provide enticing and cooling options for folks who prefer not to consume alcohol. Try out different mixes of herbs, fruits, and flavoured syrups.

Wine tips and trends

1. Organic and natural wines

Wines that are natural and organic are increasingly in demand. To appeal to customers who are ecologically sensitive and health-conscious, provide a variety of these wines as well.

2. Lesser-known wine regions

Offer your customers something new by sampling wines from lesser-known places. Think about wines from Slovenia, Greece, or Uruguay.

3. Wine and food pairing experiences

Wine and food pairing experience

By providing well crafted wine and food pairing menus, you can create exceptional dining experiences. Train your employees to provide the ideal wine recommendations to improve each meal and the overall dining experience.

4. Citrus wines

White grapes fermented on their skins to create orange wines are becoming more and more popular. These wines can be an exciting addition to your wine list since they have a flavour profile that is deep and complex.

5. Vineyard sustainability techniques

Vineyard sustainability techniques

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Promote wines made in vineyards that use sustainable agricultural methods, such as organic or biodynamic farming, to draw in buyers who care about the environment.

6. Wine tastings online

Include online wine tastings in your services so that customers can discover various wines from the convenience of their homes. To improve the experience, offer tasting notes and suggestions for food combinations.

So raise your glass!

Staying ahead of the game in the world of cocktails and wine is crucial for restaurant success. Incorporate these trends and tips to create unique and memorable drinking experiences for your customers. From creative cocktail garnishes to sustainable vineyard practices, the possibilities are endless. Cheers to mixology magic!

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