Restaurant owners may use email marketing to interact with their consumers, advertise exclusive deals and increase foot traffic to their businesses. However, it’s important to create captivating subject lines that grab attention and persuade readers to open the email in light of congested inboxes. We’ll look at practical methods in this post for creating enticing subject lines that will improve the effectiveness of your restaurant’s email marketing campaigns.

Keep it brief and to the point

Restaurant Email Marketing

Short and direct subject lines are best. To guarantee that they are completely visible on mobile devices and aren’t cut off, aim for a length of 30–50 characters. The following are some pointers for writing succinct subject lines:

  • Include action verbs that convey a sense of urgency or excitement. Ex: “Don’t Miss Out on Our Delicious Weekend Specials!”

  • Highlight key info such as limited-time offers, exclusive deals or new menu items. Ex: “Introducing Our Mouthwatering Summer Menu!”

Segmentation and personalization

Open rates can be greatly increased by using personalised subject lines. By addressing particular audience subgroups in your emails, you demonstrate that you are aware of their preferences. Think about the following tactics:

  • Use recipient names: To draw the recipient’s attention and give the email a more individualised feel, include their name in the subject line. Ex: “John, You’re Invited to Our Exclusive Wine Tasting Event!”

  • Segment your email list: Divide your email list into various segments based on demographics, preferences or previous interactions. You can then send emails that are tailored and have subject lines that appeal to each target audience.

Create a sense of urgency

Restaurant Email Marketing

Urgent subject lines can motivate your receivers to take immediate action. Here are some ideas to infuse urgency into your subject lines:

  • Limited-time offers: Emphasise sales or discounts that are only available for a short period of time.

    • Ex: “Last Chance to Save 50% on Happy Hour Drinks!”

  • Exclusive events: Promote specialised events with limited availability

    • Ex: “Only 5 Spots Left! Reserve Your Seat for our Chef’s Table Experience.”

Attractive offers and rewards

Your audience is more likely to pay attention to subject lines that provide worthwhile incentives or advantages. Think about the following tactics:

  • Offer discounts or freebies to entice recipients to open the email.

    • Ex: “Get a Free Dessert with Your Dinner Tonight!”

Gift cards or vouchers: Promote your restaurant gift cards or vouchers with subject lines like “Give the Gift of Fine Dining: Purchase a $100 Gift Card and Get $20 Extra!”

Create curiosity

Subject lines that pique curiosity can make recipients eager to discover what’s inside the email. Here are some ways to create curiosity:

  • Teasers: Offer a sneak preview without giving away the whole thing.

    • Ex: “Unveiling Our Secret Recipe: You Won’t Believe What’s in Store!”

  • Storytelling: Create subject lines that tell an engaging story or offer a challenging topic.

    • Ex: “From Farm to Fork: The Incredible Journey of Our Locally Sourced Ingredients.”

Strategies for creating captivating subject lines



Keep it Short and Concise

Use action words and highlight key information

Personalization and Segmentation

Include recipient names and segment your email list

Create a Sense of Urgency

Highlight limited-time offers and exclusive events

Enticing Offers and Incentives

Offer freebies, discounts, gift cards, or vouchers

Create Curiosity

Use teasers and storytelling to spark curiosity

Effective email marketing for restaurant operators requires creating eye-catching subject lines. You can greatly raise the open rates and engagement of your email campaigns by using short subject lines, personalised content, a sense of urgency, attractive rewards and arousing interest. 

Remember to monitor the performance of various subject lines to determine which subject lines best appeal to your audience and to continuously improve your email marketing strategy. 

It’s not just down to the subject line! Visit our blog for more tops on mastering your restaurant’s email marketing.

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