The restaurant industry relies heavily on various online platforms to manage reservations, communicate with customers and showcase their services. However, when it comes to making important changes such as closing for a special event, updating service hours across multiple platforms can be time-consuming. The same can be said for responding promptly to customer reviews on multiple platforms. Tableo offers a simple solution!

The challenge: Managing multiple online platforms

Customers rely on platforms like Facebook, Google Business Profile and Bing to discover and engage with restaurants, so ensuring consistency is crucial. Manually updating service hours and other details on each platform is not only tedious but also prone to errors.

Failure to provide consistent information can lead to customer confusion, frustration and even negative online reviews. Inconsistent messaging risks upsetting both loyal patrons and potential customers who might assume it’s business as usual.

Tableo offers a solution

Listings & Review Hub - Tableo

Tableo provides a single, aggregated platform from which restaurant owners can effortlessly update their opening hours, service details, restaurant images and more. 

Tableo’s backend system consolidates all essential restaurant information in one place. The magic of Tableo lies in its ability to automatically propagate changes across all connected online channels, including Facebook, Google Business Profile and Bing.

Restaurant owners can make updates efficiently, ensuring customers have accurate and up-to-date information at all times. This helps restaurants deliver a better customer experience, fostering trust, satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined customer reviews management

Not only used for operational efficiency, Tableo also offers a seamless approach to managing customer reviews.

Restaurant owners can connect their Google and Facebook accounts, among others, to the Tableo interface. No more juggling between different platforms to respond to reviews. Tableo streamlines the process, allowing restaurants to engage with customers promptly, address feedback and maintain a positive online reputation.

Tableo also provides real-time notifications, ensuring restaurant owners stay informed about customer reviews from various platforms without the hassle of switching between multiple apps and websites. You can choose to get notified for all or negative reviews only, daily, weekly or monthly.

In addition, you can also create response templates to speed up the process of replying to reviews. 

Actionable Insights and Analytics

Listing & Reviews Analytics - Tableo

Based on a date range, you can easily check how your reviews and listings are doing through integrated analytics. 

  • Compare views and actions on website listings.

  • Find out how many visits came from Google search vs Google maps and more. 

  • Easily check how many of those visits converted into call or direction requests. 

  • Check how many reviews were posted on which channels.

How to get Tableo and the Listing & Review Hub

The Listing & Review Hub aggregator is only available on commercial versions of the product as an add-on at 25 monthly. Contact Us for more details.

If you’re new to Tableo you can try out the free version from

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