Online reviews have become an important aspect of the restaurant industry with more and more consumers turning to the internet to make dining decisions. A Harvard Business School researcher found that a one-star increase in a restaurant’s Yelp rating correlated with a whopping 5-9% increase in revenue.

With so many restaurant review sites and platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones are trustworthy and offer the most comprehensive information. That’s where Tableo’s Restaurant Review System comes in.

Tableo is a comprehensive platform that offers restaurant owners and diners a trusted and reliable source for restaurant ratings and reviews. Tableo captures real independent reviews from diners who have actually visited and dined at an establishment, unlike other platforms that allow anyone to leave a review, with no proof of having visited.

Why are reviews so important?

Importance of reviews

Receiving positive reviews and ratings is key to growing your customer base and increasing your revenue. New customers are more likely to choose a new restaurant based on its rating. Reviews from other customers can help potential diners make informed decisions about the best restaurants to dine at, what to eat, as well as providing valuable information about the kitchen cleanliness and atmosphere.

Studies have also shown that consumers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.

Apart from increased traffic, reviews can also be used to identify areas where improvements are needed, such as the quality of food, the efficiency of service, or the ambiance. By making changes based on customer feedback, a restaurant can improve on its patrons’ overall dining experience.

How does the Tableo Review System work?

The Tableo Review System makes it easy for restaurants to gather this valuable feedback and put it into action. You can manage and respond to reviews from the same place you would manage your tables and reservations.

You can configure the type of review you want to receive and the criteria for the review. This includes feedback on food, service, ambiance, value for money, and more. The system also allows you to send review requests to your guests, via email or SMS, the day after a booking.

The process of leaving a review is straightforward for guests. They simply click on the “Leave a Review” button in the email they receive, and they will be taken to a page where they can rate the various criteria. They can write a brief description of their experience, and the review will be added to the system.

Once the reviews are received, you can view and manage them from the reviews section in the Tableo platform. The reviews are displayed in a clear and organized manner, making it easy for you to identify areas that need improvement. You can also choose which reviews to show or to keep hidden on your reviews page.

Dealing with positive and negative feedback

Restaurant management should approach customer feedback and respond to reviews with professionalism and a customer-centric attitude. It is encouraged to respond promptly and respectfully to any negative feedback, acknowledging the customer’s concerns and providing solutions to the issue at hand. It’s important to use customer feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement, by taking constructive criticism into consideration and making changes where necessary.

In case of positive reviews, you should thank the customer for their feedback and show appreciation for their support. By being proactive and responsive to customer feedback, your restaurant can build a positive reputation and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Start benefiting from Tableo Restaurant Review System

Tableo’s Restaurant Review System is an excellent tool for restaurants to receive valuable feedback from their guests. It is simple to set up and allows restaurants to improve their services and provide an even better dining experience. With real feedback from people with actual bookings, your restaurant can identify what you are doing well and what needs improvement. So why not give Tableo a try today? You won’t be disappointed.

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