Creating an exceptional dining experience goes beyond serving delicious food and providing top-notch service. It also involves establishing clear and transparent policies that cater to both the needs of customers and the smooth operation of the establishment. This latest Tableo update ensures just that, with the inclusion of multiple improvements to the way restaurants can effectively communicate and enforce their guidelines.

Terms & Conditions on Google Bookings

Reserve with Google T&Cs

It’s now possible to include your restaurant’s terms and conditions for diners to see when booking through Reserve with Google. Previously terms and conditions were only visible on the restaurant’s website widget.

To add your terms and conditions, go to: How to add & edit booking terms and conditions.

Safeguarding the cancellation policy

When the time to the reservation is < (less than) the cancellation policy, the cancel button is now hidden. The customer affecting the booking will be shown a message stating: “As per our terms & conditions, kindly note we do not allow cancellations within less than XX hours from reservation time.”

Auto-cancellation email

Whenever a booking is auto-cancelled due to no card details being entered by the booker, a cancellation email is sent with the following: “Your booking was automatically cancelled as no card details were entered during the booking process.”

Quick view of pending bookings

Quick view of pending bookings

The quick overview info button available in the Dashboard and in the Diary view, now also includes all your pending online bookings that are awaiting payment. In these cases, restaurant staff could choose to contact the booker to help them through with their booking.

How to benefit from these features

Simply login to Tableo, the new features are now live. Check out our documentation:

View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates. New to Tableo? Get started today!


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