It’s almost time! As the German hosts prepare the finishing touches before welcoming teams and fans for EURO 2024, the hospitality industry is also buzzing with the preparation to greet football-fevered fans in bars and pubs all over the world. And there’s a very good reason for it.

Let’s be honest: unless you are at the stadium, there’s no better place to watch your favourite team score a defining goal, other than in a lively, fan-friendly, local pub. And as a pub owner or manager, you know a lot is at stake. This is a great time to score extra points not only with the regulars, but also to assert yourself as the go-to spot for the football fans for new customers too!

So, how can you ensure your sports pub stands out? We’ve got you. Check out the checklist below on how you can quickly win over fan’s hearts and ensure a memorable experience all throughout EURO 2024.

1. Offer the best game-viewing experience

Become the fans’ pub of choice in the wake of EURO 2024.
  • Big screens in every corner: Position your projectors and HD screens all around the pub (or in the dedicated fan seating space, if that’s the case) to make sure every fan is getting the best views of the EURO 2024 action.

  • Surround sound for extra points: Don’t skip double checking your sound quality is up to par! It is an essential element to creating an ultimate fully-immersive football atmosphere inside your bar.

  • Different seating arrangement: Arrange seating to accommodate both large groups and solo viewers. Use Tableo’s revamped seating manager to make the most out of your space and accommodate your guests. Consider adding high tables and stools for those who prefer standing or moving around.

2. Show off your special offers

Special match day menus
  • Happy hour is a must: Consider implementing pre-game special offers on drinks and snacks to avoid crazy rush hour ten minutes before the game. Offer happy hour deals to draw in crowds earlier on and set a better pace for your staff to provide exceptional service and for your guests to indulge guilt-free.

  • Special match day menus: Create a special EURO 2024 menu for added atmosphere and elevate the pressure from your kitchen staff. By limiting the options you will ensure that the delicious food orders can be prepared on time and make it easier for your customers to take their pick. And it’s not about reinventing the wheel; nachos, burgers, chicken fingers, platters (to enjoy as a main or to share) – are always a good idea.

  • Reward loyal fans with vouchers: Don’t forget to keep the hype all throughout June and July with Tableo’s customisable vouchers! Encourage the sports fans to come back for the next game with special small discounts on their next visit.

3. Go all out with football-inspired decor

  • Easy deco: Create a festive atmosphere with displays of flags of participating countries and incorporating football-inspired designs on your coasters, tissues, place mats, and other items for extra attention to detail.

  • Fan zones: Hosting fans of opposing teams? Break down your seating areas to accommodate both. Split the pub into designated fan zones to make everyone feel a sense of togetherness amongst fellow fans – no matter which team they are cheering for.

4. Pay extra attention to your service

  • Prep for rush hour: Host a special training or a meeting with your staff for a detailed rundown of what to expect on the game day. By helping them prepare for the fast-paced shift, they will be able to welcome large crowds of football fans and offer the best service all throughout the customer’s stay.

  • The quicker – the better: Add extra staff and self-service beer booths to improve your service efficiency and make sure that no fan is waiting too long for a refill on their beer.

  • Take care of your space: Keep the pub clean and pay exceptional attention to the WCs. Consider ‘This bathroom needs attention’ card, for customers to also help your busy staff, as they try keep with multiple tasks at the same time.

5. It’s not just about the game time

Score Extra Points with EURO 2024 Fans at Your Pub
  • Post-match parties: Organise post-game entertainment with DJs, live music, or football quizzes to encourage the customers to stick around even after the match.

  • Pre-game and half-time entertainment: Offer pre-game and half-time entertainment with fun games, trivia, or other small competitions, to keep fans entertained throughout the match and for an opportunity to win a small prize

7. Make friends with local businesses

  • Collaborate with breweries: Team up with a local brewery for exclusive craft beer deals or with a sports shop for merchandise giveaways. This will not only help elevate the atmosphere at your pub, but will also likely result in long-term collaborations with other local businesses beyond the timeframe of EURO 2024.

  • Give back: Engage with the local community by supporting local football teams or charities. This can boost your pub’s reputation and build a loyal customer base.

Ready to score?

With so many tips and tricks up your sleeve, your pub is guaranteed to become the fan’s top choice this summer. Creating an immersive viewing experience, offering special deals and promotions, and ensuring your staff is quick on their feet – can be make or break for securing your customer base for the next game. But amidst all the football chaos, don’t forget to have fun with it and fully embrace the EURO 2024 spirit at your pub, while letting Tableo deal with the rest.

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