With the summer months fast approaching, what better time is there to leverage the start of the tourism season and draw in some new faces to your restaurant?

Whether you run a small bistro or a family diner, or even an elegant high-end restaurant with breathtaking views, tourists present a golden opportunity to boost your sales and drive in new business. However, to truly become a must-visit foodie destination, you need to understand the unique preferences and behaviours of tourists first.

So here’s a quick run-down of six effective strategies that will entice tourists through your doors and ensure the ever-lasting culinary tourism buzz for your restaurant.

1. Help your restaurant stand out online

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Thanks to travellers’ best friends – TripAdvisor, Google Search and Google Maps – the decision of where to eat out on a holiday is often made way before the touch down in your city. So don’t leave your online presence up to chance!

Invest in professional photography for your website and social media profiles, ensure your website is SEO-optimised, and don’t forget to encourage your guests to leave positive reviews on the review platforms. These strategies are critical to stand out from your competition and build instant trust with your potential customers, before they even walk in through the door.

Tableo Pro Tip: Go a step further and include Tableo’s ‘Reserve a table’ button directly from TripAdvisor, Google, and Google Maps to help diners to book a table at your restaurant in literally 3 steps!

2. Add local flavours to their experience

When travelling, food becomes a part of cultural experience, so don’t let the regional specialties go unnoticed! Spark the interest of tourists with authentic flavours and revamped local favourites on your menu- all to offer a unique experience to your restaurant’s guests.

But why stop there? Consider incorporating cultural events, such as traditional music, dance or cooking classes as part of your restaurant’s value-added proposition – and be sure, you will not go unnoticed.

Tableo Pro Tip: Invest time and effort in the actual appearance of the menu too. Use the space not only to list out your dishes, but also include notes on your restaurant’s history and culinary heritage to highlight the intricate blend between culture and food.

3. Create an Instagram-resque atmosphere

Create an Instagram-resque atmosphere

With the rise of social media, stopping at any restaurant isn’t only about the good food, but also about the opportunity to capture Instagram-worthy moments from the trips. As travellers are more and more eager to brag about their experiences, the visual appeal of your restaurant is just as important as the taste of the food you serve.

Designing a visually appealing interior, incorporating unique decor elements, and creating photogenic dishes can make your establishment irresistible to social media-savvy travellers looking for the perfect Instagram shot.

Tableo Pro Tip: Use the visitors’ posts as part of your own social game too! Include your social media handles on the menus or other visible displays (bathroom mirrors, tissues, neon signs on the walls…you name it). This will not only boost your own social media profiles through new tags, follows and likes, but also spread the word about your establishment all around the world.

4. Speak their language

Don’t let the language barrier turn away tourists from your restaurant! Catering to the diverse linguistic needs of tourists can enhance their dining experience and make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Providing menus in multiple languages, hiring multilingual staff, and offering translation services can remove language barriers and make it easier for international visitors to navigate your menu and make you a restaurant of their choice.

Tableo Pro Tip: Check out Tableo’s online booking widget that allows tourists to easily navigate and understand dining area options in their native language, putting an end to all confusion!

5. Partner up with local tour operators & guides

Collaborating with local tour operators and travel agencies can help you tap into a steady stream of tourists looking for dining recommendations. Offer exclusive deals or discounts to tour groups, and ensure that your restaurant is included in their itineraries to increase foot traffic and visibility.

Tableo Pro Tip: It’s not only big partnerships that matter! Provide customisable vouchers to the hotels, car hires, and gift shops to share with their customers and increase your chances of drawing city guests straight to your establishment for an unforgettable meal.

6. Lead with a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Lead with a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Last but certainly not least, delivering exceptional hospitality is key to attracting tourists and encouraging repeat visits. Train your staff to provide friendly and attentive service, go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of travellers, and create a welcoming atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on guests from near and far.

Tableo Pro Tip: Be extra attentive when catering to family travellers. Eating out with kids can be challenging as is, let alone when you are away in a foreign country. Double check whether your international guests are arriving with children directly from Tableo’s reservation software and prep ahead of their arrival to ensure their comfort.

Ready to start?

From showcasing local cuisine to embracing digital marketing tactics, there are countless ways to attract tourists and turn them into loyal patrons of your establishment. 

While we have no doubt that you are ready to position your restaurant as a top destination for tourists in your city and provide a memorable dining experience during their travels – don’t miss out on Tableo’s features to guarantee a seamless experience for your international guests.

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