This new Tableo update released on Halloween, includes a bag of treats and improvements to help restaurants turn more tables without losing out on customer satisfaction – it’s no trick!

Booking duration by party size

Booking Duration Matrix

While large tables are nice to have, they do tend to overstay. With this in mind, Tableo has added a ‘Booking Duration Matrix’ which allows you to set the booking duration in minutes according to party size. For example, you can set a booking duration of 2 hours for a table of 2, and 3 hours for a table of 10. 

You can set this from Settings > Booking Duration Matrix. If no booking duration by party size is set, the default booking duration will apply.

The notification informing patrons that “Table is required to be returned by (end of the booking duration)” has now also been added to the widget’s booking success page and in the confirmation email.

Same product for All

Products Update

We have now made it possible for you to enforce that the same product be selected by all guests. Imagine you have a choice of two degustation menu options (from the sea or land). It would be very inconvenient for the chef to have to prepare two different degustation menus for a table of two. This rule can be made applicable on any party size. 

To enforce this go to Promotions > Product and click on the product you would like to enforce this on.

Who cancelled my booking?

Bookings Cancelled

Take the mystery out of cancelled reservations. Now we will show if a booking was cancelled by the Booker (patron), by the Manager or by the Tableo system through auto cancel. You can see this under Booking State Changes > Responsible

Other features and improvements

  • The dining area is no longer mandatory to be shown on the “Reserve with Google” booking form.

  • Added a new email notification setting to only receive review emails called “Receive only review emails”. This is for managers/admins who only want to receive review emails and no booking emails.

Simply login to Tableo and check out these exciting new features. View the changelog to learn more about fixes and updates.

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